2022 Washington College Mathematics Conference


Update: The deadline to submit a session proposal was April 28. The schedule has now been finalized.

You — yes, you! — are invited to present a talk or participate in a roundtable discussion at the 2022 Washington College Mathematics Conference.

This doesn’t have to be a highly polished 30- or 45-minute talk (although we’ll certainly take those). It could be a simple 5-minute tip or observation (we can group three or four related mini-presentations in to a single session) or you could serve on a panel for a roundtable discussion.

The length and structure of the presentations will have greater leeway than usual. Potential presenters are reminded to consider “Zoom fatigue”: less is more (as mathematically unsound as that statement may seem). Some topics may indeed benefit from a 45-minute talk, but we encourage you to opt for a shorter session if possible.

And if you aren’t sure about all the details right now, do not fret. Provide the requested information as best you can. We’ll be in touch closer to the conference date to finalize the details.

Questions? E-mail: info@wamath.org