2018 Washington College Mathematics Conference


The 2018 Washington College Mathematics Conference invites you to present a talk on Friday, May 18, or Saturday, May 19, at the Yakima Convention Center.

Talk guidelines

Most sessions will run 45–50 minutes, along with at least one shorter (20–25 minute) time slot. You are welcome to use any format you wish, such as:

and cover any topic related to mathematics or mathematics education.

Media resources

Please let us know what resources (video projector, audio, whiteboard, etc.) you anticipate needing so that we can work with you and the conference center to provide everything you require. Internet access will be available throughout the Yakima Convention Center, including wired and wireless access inside the conference rooms

Submit your proposal

To submit a proposal for a presentation at the conference, use this link:

Please provide as much information as you can at this time. You will have an opportunity to edit the title of your talk and the abstract before the program is published.

Within 48 hours of submitting information via the online form, you should receive a confirmation via e-mail that we have received your proposal.

Not sure yet?

If you are interested in giving a talk or participating in a panel discussion but are not ready to commit to doing so, or if you think you might not have enough material for an entire session, please use this link:

to let us know. We may be able to connect you with someone from another campus thinking about a similar topic or planning a panel discussion on a related topic.


Please e-mail Deann Leoni (dleoni@edcc.edu) with questions about media resources or Jeff Eldridge (jeldridg@edcc.edu) for more general questions about presenting at the conference.